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FluentBooking Integration: A premier booking plugin for WordPress

FluentBooking Integration: FluentBooking is a solid booking form plugin that allows you to receive paid and free bookings quickly. As it comes from WPManageNinja, I thoroughly recommend the plugin as it will grow in features with time. The plugin is solid and ready for clients needing a booking form feature. Personally, I can’ wait to see what’s in store for FluentBooking. Don’t miss out on FluentBooking. Grab yourself a license today

Bit Integrations is a WordPress plugin that can help you automate and integrate your FluentBooking Integration with over 200+ popular platforms, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Campaign, ActiveCampaign, Airtable, Agiled CRM, Dropbox, Copper CRM, Capsule CRM, HubSpot, Groundhogg, Google Drive, Google Sheet, Zoom, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Desk, Zoho Bigin, WooCommerce, WebHooks, Trello, Telegram, SendFox, Propovoice CRM, Moosend, and MailPoet. This can help you save time and effort, and improve your lead generation and customer management processes.

Setup FluentBooking

Open your Bit Integration Dashboard and create an integration by clicking the “Create Integration” button.

FluentBooking Integration with Bit Integrations - Create Integrations

Select the FluentBooking you want to connect with Bit Integrations Actions.

Please select the “Form or Task” you wish to connect with Bit Integrations from the provided dropdown menu. For Example: “Booking Scheduled”.

FluentBooking Integration with Bit Integrations - Form and Task

Please choose an event from the drop-down menu and then click on “Next“. If you haven’t created an event in FluentBooking before, you’ll need to do that first.

FluentBooking Integration with Bit Integrations - Select an event
FluentBooking Integration with Bit Integrations - Click Next

info-icon-bit-apps  INFO

After completing these steps, the Actions list will appear, and select the action you want to integrate with your selected Trigger. Now you have to authorize the Action. To know more about authorization, Go to Actions from the left side menu and select the Action you want to integrate with your chosen trigger.

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