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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Bit Apps outlines how the company collects, uses, and secures the personal information of its users when they visit, register, and purchase services/products from their website. Here is a summary of the key points mentioned in the privacy policy:

Information we collect :

  • Personal Information: Bit Apps collects the user's full name and email address when they create an account to verify their identity and set up their account for using their products/services.

  • Non-Personally Identifiable Data (Device Information): When users visit the website, technical information such as device type, IP address, browser type, date/time stamp, individual web page visited, and referral page/link is collected.

Purpose of Data Collection:

  • Personal Information: The collected personal information is used to provide the requested products and services for customer service, updates, and marketing purposes. Bit Apps may also share personal information in emergencies or as required by law.

  • Non-Personally Identifiable Data: we collect your IP address, browser type, operating system, web browser language, and the date and time of registration to prevent abuse of our site & improve the quality of our service or even provide more personalized content.

Data Collection & Tracking Technology:

  • Third-party Apps: Bit Apps uses third-party apps like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Tawk.to for customer support and website monetization. These apps collect user interaction data on the website but do not store any personal data. Only the administration level has access to review this data, and it is not used for personal purposes.

  • Cookies: Bit Apps uses cookies for its affiliate program, enabling the tracking of affiliate links. Cookies contain the user's referrer information for affiliate link tracking.

  • Bit Form: Bit Apps may collect application errors to improve the Bit Form application.

  • Bit Integrations: Bit Integrations is a WordPress plugin responsible for data transfer between platforms. As a plugin, it doesn't collect any user data but rather enables smooth and secure data transfers.

  • Bit Assist: We utilize the Bit Assist WordPress plugin for customer support purposes. Bit Assist does not collect any data; it is solely used to facilitate customer support interactions.

  • Bit SMTP: Bit SMTP is used for handling email functionality. It is not involved in data collection; its purpose is to manage email communication securely and efficiently.

Data Retention Policy:

Bit Apps retains user data as long as the user wants it to be stored. Users can delete their account or unsubscribe if they wish to do so.

Data Breach Policy:

In case of a data breach (loss, alteration, or exposure of user data), Bit Apps will take the necessary steps to notify affected users as soon as possible.

GDPR & User Rights:

Bit Apps respects GDPR guidelines and allows users to update, review, export, or delete their account details upon request.

Update Policy:

Bit Apps reserves the right to modify and update the privacy policy at any time without prior notice. Users are responsible for checking the policy for updates.

Contact Us:

By accessing and using the website, users agree to the privacy policies outlined above. For further queries about the privacy policy, users can contact Bit Apps by mailing us.

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