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Wordcamp Sylhet 2024: Bit Integrations Is Admin Sponsor

May 8, 2024
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Wordcamp Sylhet 2024: Bit Integrations Is Admin Sponsor

Experience the Thrill of WordPress with Bit Integrations at WordCamp Sylhet 2024 Calling all WordPress aficionados! The Bit Apps family is thrilled to announce our participation as proud Admin Sponsors at WordCamp Sylhet 2024. This landmark event, dedicated to WordPress users and developers alike, is set for May 10th and 11th at the Main Auditorium of Shahjalal University. Prepare to immerse yourself in a vibrant community event that promises a blend of learning, networking, and fun.

Key Details You Need to Know

  • Venue: Main Auditorium, Shahjalal University
  • Dates:
    • May 10: Contributor Day
    • May 11: Conference Day
  • Ticket Information:
    • Price: BDT 800 (~ USD 7)
    • Purchase Recommendations: One ticket per order
    • Special arrangements available for international guests

Discover the Sponsors of WordCamp Sylhet 2024

WordCamp Sylhet 2024 is supported by a vibrant array of sponsors, each playing a crucial role in making this event a success. Here’s a breakdown of the sponsorship levels and the companies involved:

Sponsorship Levels and Their Roles

WordCamp Sylhet 2024 boasts four distinct levels of sponsorship, catering to a wide range of participants from the WordPress community. Each level offers different benefits and exposure opportunities, making it possible for a diverse group of companies to contribute to and benefit from the event.

Super Admin: This premier level includes major industry players who provide significant support, contributing to the core funding and shaping of the event. Companies at this level often have prominent visibility throughout the conference.

Super Admin Sponsors: Academy LMS, AuthLab, Bluehost, GoDaddy, Jetpack, OneSuite, ShapedPlugin, WebAppick, WeDevs, WooCommerce, WPBeginner

Admin: These sponsors play a substantial role as well, helping facilitate various key components of the event, from sessions to special gatherings.

Admin Sponsors: Giant Marketers, Bit Integrations

Editor: Editor-level sponsors contribute by supporting specific sessions or features of the event, such as workshops or special panels.

SME/Startup: This level allows smaller companies and startups to get involved and gain exposure in the WordPress community.

Editor Sponsors: BPlugins, BDThemes, EazyDocs, Efoli LLC

SME/Startup Sponsors: Egens Lab, BizAddons, RunDigital, The Web Lab, wptowp, RSTheme, Softlab, SpringDevs, WebMermelon, WPrio, SubscriptionPro

Total Sponsorship and Further Details

In total, 28 companies are sponsoring WordCamp Sylhet 2024, demonstrating the strong community and business support for WordPress. For more detailed information about sponsorship opportunities, including how to become a sponsor, check out the official WordCamp Sylhet 2024 website.

These sponsors not only help make WordCamp Sylhet possible but also contribute to the ongoing growth and success of the WordPress community. Their involvement ensures a dynamic and enriching experience for all attendees, providing a platform for learning, networking, and innovation.

Discover Our Innovative WordPress Tools

As we gear up for this exciting event, we’re eager to showcase our comprehensive suite of products designed to enhance your WordPress experience. From the powerful workflow automation capabilities of Bit Integrations to the intuitive design of Bit Form, the responsive support of Bit Assist, and our latest innovation, Bit Social, we are set to demonstrate how our tools can transform your website management.

Join Bit Integrations stalls for Fun and Prizes at WordCamp Sylhet 2024

Are you ready for an engaging, fun-filled experience at WordCamp Sylhet 2024? Bit Integrations is thrilled to invite you to join us as we bring not only our innovative WordPress solutions but also a host of entertaining games and amazing prizes. Here’s what we have planned for you:

Interactive Games and Engaging Activities

Visit our stall to partake in a variety of interactive games designed to both entertain and challenge you. Try your hand at:

  • Dart Board: Test your aim and win exciting prizes.
  • Spinning Wheel: Take a spin and let fate decide your reward.
  • Quizzes: Participate in our WordPress-themed quizzes for a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and win big.

Amazing Gifts and Prizes

At Bit Integrations, we believe in making learning fun. Participate in our games and quizzes, and you can walk away with some fabulous gifts. Our prize lineup includes:

  • T-Shirts: Stand out with our outstanding custom T-shirts.
  • Mouse Pads, Note Pads, Pens, and Stickers: Enhance your work-from-home setup with these useful and stylish office supplies.

Special Prizes for Quiz Winners

For those who excel in our quizzes, we have lined up a series of exclusive, high-value prizes:

  • 1st Prize: High-quality Earbuds
Wordcamp sylhet 2024 earbud gifts from bit apps
  • 2nd Prize: A Powerful Speaker
  • 3rd Prize: A RGB Keyboard
  • 4th Prize: A Precision Mouse
  • 5th & 6th Prizes: High-end Drinking Bottles
  • 7th & 8th Prizes: Handy Mini Fans
  • 9th to 13th Prizes: Stylish Coffee Mugs
  • 14th to 17th Prizes: Practical Mouse Pads

Why You Should Visit Our Stall

By joining Bit Integrations at WordCamp Sylhet 2024, you’re not just attending another tech conference; you’re stepping into a world of opportunity, fun, and community. Our games and prizes are designed to enhance your experience and provide you with memorable takeaways, both in terms of knowledge and tangible rewards.

Don’t Miss Out!

Mark your calendars for May 10th and 11th, and make sure to visit the Bit Integrations stall at WordCamp Sylhet 2024. Whether you’re a WordPress novice or a seasoned expert, we promise you an event filled with learning, networking, and loads of fun. Come for the insights, stay for the prizes, and leave with great memories and maybe even a new gadget or two!

We look forward to seeing you there and helping make your WordCamp experience unforgettable!

What to Expect at WordCamp Sylhet 2024

Engaging Sessions and Workshops

WordCamp Sylhet isn’t just about panels and discussions; it’s an immersive experience that offers workshops, sessions, and hands-on opportunities to engage with WordPress at every level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, there’s something for everyone.

Network with Peers and Industry Leaders

With over a thousand attendees expected, including developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from around the globe, the networking opportunities are vast. Connect with potential collaborators, meet industry leaders, and mingle with the WordPress community in a welcoming and dynamic environment.

Engaging Activities

Beyond the sessions and workshops, WordCamp Sylhet is known for its engaging side activities. These might include interactive games, quizzes about WordPress, or casual meetups that encourage mingling and networking in a relaxed setting. These activities are designed not only to entertain but also to foster a sense of community and collaboration among attendees.

Exclusive WordPress Swag

Attendees can look forward to collecting some exclusive WordPress-themed swag. Typical items include t-shirts, stickers, notebooks, and more, all adorned with the WordPress logo or other related designs. These items are not only great souvenirs but also tools to show off your WordPress pride and connect with other community members.

Relax and Recharge Zones

Understanding the need to take breaks from the packed schedule of talks and workshops, WordCamp Sylhet typically provides areas where attendees can relax, recharge their devices, and recharge themselves. These quieter spaces are perfect for catching up on work, networking in a more relaxed atmosphere, or simply taking a moment to relax.

WordCamp Sylhet 2024 promises to be an enriching experience that combines the passion for WordPress with the joy of community engagement. It’s more than just a conference; it’s a place to learn, connect, and enjoy in a festive atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of WordPress and its community. Don’t miss out on this memorable blend of professional growth, fun, and community spirit!

A Comprehensive Recap of Our Dynamic Experience at WordCamp Sylhet 2024

Dive deep into our unforgettable experience at WordCamp Sylhet 2024 with this detailed two-day recap. The event began with the spirited WordPress Contributor’s Day, a pivotal moment for our team as we eagerly registered and embarked on our contributions across multiple roles, including development, marketing, and documentation. The collaborative environment was buzzing with energy as we opened new WordPress.org accounts, joined WordPress Slack channels, and welcomed numerous newcomers into the fold.

Contributors day wordcamp sylhet 2024

After a rejuvenating lunch, our contributions continued into the afternoon, filled with productive sessions and networking.

The highlight of the evening was the exclusive dinner party for the sponsor team, where we were treated to a sumptuous buffet featuring over 30 different dishes. The luxurious arrangement by the organizers provided a perfect end to a fulfilling day of contributing and networking.

The excitement carried over to the main event on the second day at the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST).

Our booth was a centerpiece of innovation, engaging attendees with fun-filled games and challenging quizzes.

booth at wordcamp sylhet 2024

Victors walked away with coveted swags like keyboards, mice, speakers, and earbuds, making the competitions even more thrilling.

swag and gifts at wordcamp sylhet 2024

The day was not just about games; it was a comprehensive showcase of community and technology coming together. As the day wrapped up, the event organizers recognized our efforts and contributions, adding a memorable close to our journey. We returned to our hostel with awards in hand and hearts full of inspiration, already looking forward to future opportunities to contribute and celebrate with the WordPress community.

award giving moment by the wordcamp sylhet organizer

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