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Secure WordPress Black Friday Deals in 2023(below 25$/yr)

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November 21, 2023
Estimated reading: 4 minutes
Best WordPress black Friday Offer flat 40%.

On the occasion of Black Friday 2023 we are offering the best WordPress black Friday discount (flat 40%) on every product like Bit Form, Bit Integrations and Bit Assist for savvy WordPress site owners. The price starts from below 25$ per year. All the plugins are so advanced and lightweight. 

Choose the best WordPress plugin from the BitApps family that we are offering with a 40% discount and Let Black Friday be the catalyst for change and growth. Grab the offer before the time runs out because, in online success, timing is not just everything; it’s the only thing. 

The black Friday offer for WordPress plugin is already running and will continue until November 30th, 2023. The price starts from below 25$ per year. Exciting right? The crazy deal we are offering for the first time.

And don’t forget to bookmark this page as we may update the prize and facilities.

Table of Contents

    Our WordPress Black Friday Deals in 2023

    Bit Form: The Advanced Contact Form Builder Plugin

    It has three plans Bit Form Pro, Bit Form PLus and Bit Form Agency. 

    Bit Form Pro: Originally priced at USD 39.00, this plan is now available at a discounted rate of USD 23.40 per year, marking a 40% saving. It’s designed for users who manage a single site. This plan includes full features, support, unlimited conditional logic, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it an excellent choice for individual site owners looking for a comprehensive form-building solution.

    Bit Form Plus: Catering to users who operate up to five sites, this plan slashes its price from USD 92.00 to USD 55.20 per year, also offering a 40% discount. It encompasses all the benefits of the Pro plan, such as full features, support, and unlimited conditional logic, while extending its service to more sites, thereby serving small businesses and freelancers with multiple web presences.

    Bit Form Agency: The most extensive plan is tailored for agencies managing unlimited sites. With a 40% discount, the price is reduced from USD 132.00 to USD 79.20 per year. This plan includes all the aforementioned features and support but distinguishes itself by catering to a larger scale of operations, ideal for agencies and larger businesses looking for a robust, scalable form-building platform.

    Bit Integrations: The advanced no-code automation plugin

    Bit Integrations is the key to unlocking seamless automation on your WordPress site. It connects your WordPress forms with external applications, easing the flow of data and automating routine tasks. This Black Friday, Bit Integrations is offering three-tiered plans at prices that are as attractive as their features. It also has three plans.

    Basic Plan: The Starter’s Gem Original 

    Price: $39.00 

    Black Friday Deal: $24.40/Year (40% Off) 

    Features: Designed for a single site, the Basic plan includes everything from the free tier, plus unlimited active integrations to connect your forms with numerous services. With one year of updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s a perfect fit for individual site owners and small businesses looking to dip their toes into automation.

    Plus Plan: The Small Business Booster Original 

    Price: $92.00 

    Black Friday Deal: $55.20/Year (40% Off) 

    Features: Catering to those managing up to five sites, the Plus plan builds on the Basic by offering the same full suite of integrations, updates, and support, scaled up for a small business. It’s an ideal choice for growing businesses aiming to automate and integrate multiple platforms efficiently.

    Agency Plan: The Enterprise Powerhouse Original 

    Price: $132.00 

    Black Friday Deal: $79.20/Year (40% Off) 

    Features: Tailored for agencies or large-scale operations with up to 1000 sites, the Agency plan is the pinnacle of automation offerings. It encompasses all the benefits of the previous plans with the capacity for a vast network, making it the ultimate tool for enterprises seeking expansive and intricate automation solutions.

    Bit Assist 

    Bit Assist is a versatile WordPress plugin that revolutionizes how you connect with your customers. With just one button, you can integrate a multitude of popular messaging and social media platforms directly into your website. This powerful tool simplifies communication by allowing you to manage conversations from various channels all in one place. 

    Pro Plan: The Individual Innovator Original 

    Price: $39.00 

    Black Friday Deal: $24.40/Year 

    Features: Ideal for single-site owners, the Pro plan offers everything included in the free version, plus unlimited widgets and channels, webhook functionality, external website widget publishing, business hour settings, page filters, custom CSS, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s a popular choice for those looking to add professional-level form capabilities to their site.

    Plus Plan: The Small Business Catalyst Original 

    Price: $92.00 

    Black Friday Deal: $55.20/Year 

    Features: Designed for entrepreneurs with up to five sites, the Plus plan includes all Pro features with an extended scope to manage multiple web properties effectively. This plan is excellent for small businesses seeking to create a cohesive user experience across various digital touchpoints.

    Agency Plan: The Enterprise Solution Original 

    Price: $132.00 

    Black Friday Deal: $79.20/Year 

    Features: For businesses that manage an unlimited number of sites, the Agency plan is a comprehensive package. It scales up all the Pro features to an enterprise level, providing extensive support and customization options for a large portfolio of websites. It’s the go-to for agencies requiring a robust, versatile form-building toolkit.

    How to Secure the Best WordPress Black Friday Deals

    It’s easy to secure a Black Friday deal for your WordPress website from the BitApps family. You don’t need to get any coupon, the coupon is already added. When you would buy any of these plugins you will get a 40% discount on the original price. Just go to this page and click on what you want to purchase. For example, you want to purchase Bit Form. So click on it.

    WordPress Black Friday Deals in 2023

    After clicking on the button you will be redirected to the pricing table of Bit Form from this landing page.

    40% discount on WordPress plugin

    Now here you will be to see the three plans of Bit Form. Now click on the plan that you want to purchase. Every plan of Bit Form has a 40% discount. After clicking on the “Get Started” button. You can see the page like the below one. From this page also you can select your plan.

    purchase your plugin on 40% discount

    Now click on the proceed button and you will be redirected to a registration page where you have to create a membership account like the below one.

    Create membership account

    After that, a payment form will be noticeable. Make your payment with PayPal or Stripe and then you will be directed to the BitApps developer account. In the dashboard, you will get the purchased product like the one below.

    Download plugin from developer account

    Just click on the plugin and download it. Upload the file in WordPress and complete authorization. If you have no idea just read this article. It takes only 4 to 5 minutes to read. Thats it.

    Download plugin from developers account

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