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Bit Form - Custom HTML

Custom HTML

Custom HTML – Bit Form Discover the amazing possibilities with Bit Form’s Custom HTML feature! Customize your forms exactly the way you want by adding [...]
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Bit Form - Conversational Form

Conversational Form

Conversational Form – Bit Form Have you heard of Conversational Form? It’s a super cool and user-friendly web form solution that totally changes the way [...]
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Bit Form - Developer Docs

Developer Docs

Developer Docs – Bit Form The developer documentation for Bit Form covers several essential topics to assist developers in utilizing and extending the functionality of [...]
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Bit Form - Webhook

Webhook Integrations

Webhooks Integration: The Best Way to Automate Your WordPress Workflow Webhooks Integration: Webhooks are employed for various purposes, including triggering actions, receiving notifications, and integrating [...]
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Bit Form - Previous Step Button

Previous Step Field

Bit Form – Previous Step Button We’re excited to introduce the amazing “Previous Step” button for your multistep forms! This awesome feature is designed to [...]
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Bit Form - Next Step Button

Next Step Field

Bit Form – Next Step Button We’ve got something really handy for your multistep forms – the “Next Step” button! If you’re using a multistep [...]
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