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Developer Docs – Bit Form

The developer documentation for Bit Form covers several essential topics to assist developers in utilizing and extending the functionality of the platform:

API Usage: Developers can find detailed instructions on utilizing the Bit Form API. This includes information on endpoints, authentication methods, request and response formats, error handling, and practical examples to demonstrate API usage.

JavaScript (JS) Form Events: Bit Form offers a range of JavaScript events that developers can leverage to enhance form functionality. This section of the documentation provides guidance on event triggers, event handlers, and examples illustrating how JavaScript can be used to validate inputs, trigger actions, or dynamically update form elements based on user interactions.

PHP Action Hooks: Bit Form provides PHP action hooks that enable developers to extend its functionality. This part of the documentation explains how developers can hook into specific points in the form processing lifecycle to execute custom actions. It covers scenarios such as executing tasks before form submission, processing form data, or integrating with external systems.

PHP Filter Hooks: Developers can utilize PHP filter hooks in Bit Form to modify form data or settings before processing or displaying them. This section outlines the available filtering options and demonstrates how developers can use them to sanitize input data, customize form output, or apply conditional modifications.

By offering comprehensive documentation on these topics, developers can effectively leverage Bit Form’s capabilities and customize its behavior according to their specific project requirements.

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