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Google Sheets Integrations

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Bit Form Integration With Google Sheet

In a new addition to our integration section, recently, we have added a new integration with Google Sheet. From now on, you can store all the submitted data to google sheet by Bit Form.

Authorization Settings:

At first, select the name of the form you want to apply the Google Sheet integration; after that, follow the below instructions.

Follow the path:

Settings=> Integrations => Click on (+) => Click on ‘Google Sheet’

Select Google Sheet Integration

A. Integration Name: Set the integration name Google Sheet API.

B. Homepage URL: Enter the URL of your website.

C. Authorized Redirect URL: Enter the URL in which Google Sheet will send the authentication code.

D. Client ID & Secret: For client ID & secret you have to visit the Google API console. If you already have any Client ID & secret before then copy this to the field. If you don’t have any then you have to create a new client ID & secret.

To get ID & Secret
Credential to Google sheet
Created ID & Secret

If you don’t have any then you have to create a new client ID & secret.

To get new Client Id & Client secret information go to Google API CONSOL=> Credentials=>Create Credentials=> OAuth Client ID => Select Application Type=> Give a Client Name => Add home page URL => Add authorized URL.

Register all the information and get your client ID & Secret information from google sheet.

Create credentials_1
Create Credentials_2
Create Credential_3
Create Credential_4

Now give ID & Secret to the fields & click Authorize & you are ready to import all your data from Bit Form to your Google Sheet.

Give Id & secret

Integration Settings:

1. Select the specific spreadsheet from the drop-down menu which you have created before on Google Sheet

2. Then select the worksheet that belongs to the selected spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet, Worksheet,Header Row

3. Now specify the header row. By default, the first row of the worksheet is considered as a header row.

Header Row
Name of header row

4. Click on the refresh button.

5. You can now map the Bit form fields with the necessary Google fields. You can send custom values on Google Sheet. After mapping the desired fields, click on Next.


6. To save the integration process click on Finish & Save.

7. Now to run this integration you have created, navigate to conditional logic. Conditional logics helps you to trigger integration when it is necessary.

Conditional Logics

8. After clicking update, all the information will be saved & you will be able to see all the submitted data through google sheet. When a form will be submitted, the information will be shown on the sheet.

Show in sheet

9. Also if you edit any data on the responses page, the data will be updated automatically on a google sheet.

Responses update
Show update
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