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PayPal field

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Bit Form – PayPal field

Admin can receive One-time Payment & Subscription Payment through the PayPal field. Bit Form now allows you to use PayPal fields instead of the submit button. So, when admins use PayPal, they can remove the default submit button from the form. When a user clicks on the PayPal button, the form first validates all the form input and then opens the payment window.

Create PayPal Config

  1. Navigate to the Bit Form dashboard. Then go to App Settings & click on Payments.
  1. Click on the (+) icon & select PayPal.
  1. At first. set a suitable integration name on the Integration Name field
Bit Form Payapal Dashboard
  1. Admin has to create an application from the PayPal Developer site. For that login to your PayPal Developer account & select My apps & credentials.
Paypal Dashboard
  1. There are two types of apps – Sandbox Mode & Live mode. For the demonstration purpose we have selected Sandbox an app. You have to select Live for the real-time transaction.
Paypal Sandbox Mode
  1. After that, there is a default application created by PayPal itself. You can also create a new one from the Create App option. Now, follow the path to get your Client Id:

Set App Name => Select App Type => Click on Create App => Get Client ID.

Create App on Paypal
  1. Now, copy the client ID, and client secret & go back to the Bit Form PayPal settings page. Then paste it on the Client Id and client secret fields.
Copy Client ID and Serect
Paypal Setting
  1. Complete the PayPal config settings by clicking on Save button.
  1. Go back to your form and select the created PayPal config.

Now, you have completed your PayPal configuration. It’s time to set up the form to get the payments via PayPal. Follow the below instructions.

Subscription Payment

For subscription payments, you need a business account. Just add your Plan ID on the field & you are ready to take the payment via PayPal.

One-Time Payment

1. Language : You can set the field language according to your preference.

2. Disable Card : You can set the card name on the disable card field from which you don’t want to take payment.

3. Amount Type :

✔ Fixed : If admin want to set a limit of payment, they have to choose this option. As example, you have created a form for a particular sale. Then you have to set the payment digit on the field.

✔ Dynamic : For dynamic payment admins have to add a Number field or Radio Button where you can add an amount according to your willingness.

4. Shipping Cost & Tax amount type : As likely as Amount type option admin can set Fixed / Dynamic Shipping cost as well as Tax.

5. Currency : You can set 26 currency type.

6. Description: There are two types of description – Static and dynamic.

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PayPal field

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