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Zoho Marketing Automation Integrations

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Bit Form Integration With Zoho Marketing Hub

The integration of Zoho Marketing Hub with Bit Form allows for automatic updates on the list of leads

The integration allows marketers to quickly move leads between the two platforms without errors or delays. It also helps in generating insights about the leads captured on Bit Form, so marketers can know which ones are hot prospects and which need more attention.

Authorization Settings:

First, select the form you want to apply the Zoho Marketing Hub integration; after that, follow the below instructions.


Follow the path:

Settings => Integrations => Click on (+) => Click on 'Zoho Marketing Hub'


A. Integration Name: Set the integration name “Zoho Marketing Hub API”.

B. Data Center: Set the specific ZOHO data center name where you have created your Zoho account. (e.g.:


C. Homepage URL: Enter the URL of your website.

D. Authorized Redirect URL: Enter the URL to which Zoho Marketing Hub will send the authentication code.

E. Client ID & Secret: To get client ID & secret information go to ZOHO API CONSOL=> Add Client => Server-based application => Create New Client. Register all the information and get your client ID and secret information.


Now click Authorize & you are ready to add all contacts to your Zoho Marketing Hub account.

Integration Settings:

1. Select the list for the lead collection from the drop-down. Before that make sure you have already created a list on your marketing hub account.


2. You have to map the Bit Form fields with Zoho Marketing Hub fields to enlist the leads. As an example, here we have set Name = First Name. So when the user fills up Name, the value will be stored in the corresponding Zoho field First Name. You can map multiple fields as you need. Also, can send custom value to Zoho Bigin.


3. After giving all the required information, click on Finish & Save. Now your created ‘Zoho Marketing Hub API is ready for implementation.


4. Now, set your conditional logic as your preference. Don’t forget to select the Zoho Marketing Hub API you have created.


5. After a successful integration you can see the lead will be automatically saved on your select list.

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Zoho Marketing Automation Integrations

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