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Bit Form – HTML Field

The HTML field is one of the most powerful features of Form Builder. It allows you to add HTML code in the form builder to add more customizability to the form. Custom HTML field is a feature of the Form Builder that allows you to add HTML elements (images, text, video, and links) within the form. The benefit of adding a custom HTML field is to make your form visually appealing as well as increase the usability of the form.

⚙ General Settings

1. Field Key

In Bit Form, every field has a special identifier known as a Field Key. This field key uniquely identifies a field, it also helps to send data via email, PDF, store database, and PHP action hook. These keys are important in Success/Error Messages, WebHooks, Redirect Pages, Email Templates, Workflows, and Integrations.

2. Name

The Name is an HTML equivalent input field’s name, you can customize it easily according to your preferences. You can easily modify it to suit your needs.

A field’s name is like a special label used when you submit a form. For example, let’s say the field name is “text-1-5”. In this case, ‘text’ tells us the type of field it is, ‘1’ refers to the form ID, and ‘5’ means it’s the fifth-number field on the form. This field name can be used for various purposes such as Fetch data from url parameter.

3. Admin Label

This field is designated for administrative use and allows an administrator to set a label name that will be displayed on the responses page.

4. Size & Position

It typically refers to the dimensions and placement of an input or output field within a user interface. It specifies the width and position, x-position, and w-width of the field on the screen or page.

5. Content

When you click on the field you can view the Content block from the form settings option. You can customize the content of the HTML field.

The Content block consists of-


You can add a custom HTML code snippet to display any specific structure. Click on the Toggle Preview & insert the custom code on the content block that you want to display.

tip-icon  TIP

This custom HTML field lets you add custom CSS to make the design more attractive.

caution-icon  CAUTION

Do not add script tags and any JavaScript code. It may cause you security vulnerabilities.

Add Content

Add HTML field content by clicking on the edit option. You can edit the design or format of the content from the text editor.

Insert Image

To add an image use the Insert option. You can follow two ways to insert any image.

  1. To add the image you can use any external image link
  1. You can add images directly from your website.

Insert Video

Click on the Media option from the section Insert. You can copy & paste a video link to display the video from the. Also just embed a custom HTML code for the video.

Embed a link to the text from the Insert option that drives your user to the destination page.

Using a custom HTML field you can add any descriptionterms & conditions, and different types of instructions to your form. Also, it lets you make the form visually eye-catching by adding images and videos. Just place the HTML field where you want to add extra content to make it more useful.

info-icon-bit-apps  INFO

This is not a user input field. So no data will not be submitted as a response.

6. Hidden

This option allows you to make the field hidden when the form is displayed on the front end.

7. Disabled

The disables field option disables user input and interaction, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of form data by preventing the visitor from entering or changing any information in the form.

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