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How to get data from url parameter in WP form

When filling in a form on a website, the admin would like to include pre-defined specific values in the fields. The solution to this problem is to embed the data from the URL parameter. This field’s value will then be populated with the result of the URL parameter redirect. Bit Form lets you autofill the field value by setting URL parameters. This feature is helpful regarding kinds of use cases. In this section, we will show you how you can set URL parameters to automatically fill the Bit Form fields’ values.

🔰 At first, navigate to the Bit Form dashboard & create a form or select any form you have made before. Here is an example of a “Job Post” that includes three fields – Job Title, Candidate Name, and passing Years.

🔰 You have to copy the field key which you want to show with a pre-defined value. We want to show the Job Title fields with the default value from the URL parameter. To set the parameter on the URL, set a sign. then paste the key. Type the operator = & set the desired value that you want to show on the fields. After loading the page, you will see that the field has the requested value from the URL parameter.

🔰 You can follow the same steps for the drop-down also. For that, copy the field key & the specific option you want to show & paste it into the URL. For the multiple parameters, you have to use the operator & before setting the key & value.

🔰 Besides all these, you can add space in the middle of the value. Just set the value on the link with space & the browser will take %20 automatically.

note-icon-bit-apps  Note

If your browser is old then you have to type “%20” manually to show the space.

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