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Bit Form – Export Form Data

At Bit Form, we have an awesome feature called Export Form Data that is designed to keep your information safe and secure. With just a few simple steps, you can easily export your data and import it into another website using Bit Form. Rest assured that your data will always be protected and easily accessible.

To use this awesome feature, just go to the responses section and click on the export icon next to the view Analytics Report.

Bit Form data export

Export Data

Now you’ll see a friendly window popping up. Here, you have the chance to make the export totally your own by selecting all the specific requirements you want.

Bit Form Export Data

How many rows to export

With this option, you’re able to export either all of the data or select specific rows of data that you want to export. It puts you in control of the information you export, giving you the flexibility you need.

Choose the “All” option if you want to export all of your form data, or select “Custom” if you only want to export specific rows of data. This allows you to personalize your export based on what you prefer.

Bit Form Export Data how many rows to export

Sort Order

Use the Sort Order option to organize your exported form data. You have the freedom to choose between ascending or descending order, depending on what works best for you.

Bit Form Export Data Sort Order

Sort by

The Sort by option is super handy for arranging your exported form data. You have so many choices to pick from, like sorting by ID, status, device, and even your form fields like Name or Email. It’s great because it lets you organize your data exactly how you want it. So go ahead and give it a try!

Bit Form Export Data Sort by

Export File Format

With this option, you have the freedom to choose the format that suits you best for exporting. When it comes to exporting your data, we’ve got you covered with 9 different formats to choose from. You can go for CSV, Xlsx, Xls, Fods, Ods, Prn, Text, HTML, or Eth. Take your pick and let us know how we can assist you!

Bit Form Export Data Export File Format


Finally, just click on the Export button to easily export your form data.

Bit Form Export Data export button
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Responses Export Form Data

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