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Bit form – Confirmation Message

Success or Error Message

Customize Success or Error Message

Message Styles:
With this option, you have the ability to fully style and customize every aspect of your confirmation message, from the color to the background and border styles. This allows you to create a confirmation message that fits seamlessly with the overall design and branding of your website while also providing clear and informative feedback to users after they have submitted their forms.

Message Type:
with this option, you can customize your confirmation message position settings to show the message more attractively. There are three types of position options.

  1. Below of Form
  2. Snackbar
  3. Modal

Using this option, you can customize the animation and position settings for displaying your confirmation message, making it more visually appealing and attention-grabbing. Additionally, you can set an auto-hide duration for the message, which will automatically close it after a specified period of time has passed.

Success Message

After form submission one can see the success message Your form has been submitted successfully. For example: The form has been successfully submitted or We will contact you in 24 hours etc.

Success message works on both form submission and field validation. Based on the condition you can show custom success messages.

Error Message

If you have any conditions to meet when a form has been submitted or edited. If the condition does not satisfy fully then you can show the error message. For example: Cannot but less than five pieces or Delivery price outside USA is more than $50 etc.

Error message works on both form data submit and on field validation. Based on the condition you can show custom error messages.

Notice : If you create multiple Success/Error messages then the last created message will be work first. Also you can use workflow for showing specific Success/Error message.

Redirect page

After Form submission user/visitor will be redirected to the same page or any custom url. On record/data edit, Redirection will not work.

In redirection form value can be passed by adding parameters with URL.

Redirect URL with form value can be used like this:


**Key_1 and Key_2 = The field api name where you want to use/put the field value from the current form.

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Confirmation Message

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