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Telegram Integrations

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Bit Form Integration With Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging solution. You can message anyone who is registered on the Telegram platform. With the help of Telegram integration with Bit Form users can send photos, videos, and any other files to a specific channel in the Telegram group. This new feature provides a seamless experience, allowing you to boost your leads with ease.

Authorization Settings:

  1. At first, navigate to the Bit Form dashboard. Choose a form you have created earlier or create a brand-new form for telegram integration.
  1. Follow the path: Settings => Integration => Select Telegram.
  1. Give a suitable name for the integration. To get the API Key, visit your telegram account. Now, search for @BotFather. If you have created a bot before, then just copy the API key & paste the key on the API Key field on the Bit Form integration page else, create a new one by sending a command /newbot to @BotFather.
  1. Authorize the entire settings.
  2. Click on Next for further integration settings ahead.

Integration Settings:

  1. Click on the drop-down & select the specific chat list you created earlier on Telegram.
  • Sometimes you may not find the lists of your telegram account. One thing you can do that – go to your telegram account, then remove the administrator’s bot from that specific list or group & add again the administrator’s bot.
  • To remove the bot & re-add the bot follow the path: Click on your desired list/group/Channel => Go to settings of that list/group/Channel => Administrator => Remove the promoted bot & add again the administrator’s bot
  1. Select the parse_mode method to send text notifications to the specified group or channel. You can use either HTML or Markdown format to send a message.
  1. Now, type a message as your preference. You can select Form Fields to fetch the user information if you want. Also, you can mention any group or channel from this message field.
  1. You can select the action Attachment right below the Message’ field. Enabling this action, you can send – Audio, Video, Photo, or Documents from Bit Form to Telegram. After this, click on the Next option.
  1. To successfully integrate your form with Telegram click the Finish & Save button.
  1. Now, you have to set conditional logic to trigger the integration for the submitted data. When you set conditional logic, remember some points – set ‘Action behavior = Always‘ & specify the integration name you have created for Telegram. If you don’t select the integration name properly, then the integration will not work.
  1. Now Update your form if all the settings are done.
  2. You can view the submitted data from the Form Responses of Bit Form

Now, you can quickly be notified about your user through this Telegram Integration whenever any data is submitted.

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Telegram Integrations

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