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Bit Form – Responses Analytics Report

Bit Form comes with a cool Analytics Report feature that lets you dig into your responses. You can filter responses by date and status, giving you a close look at what’s submitted. Plus, you can analyze different details and check out colorful charts. And guess what? You can easily print out your reports too! It’s a handy tool to understand and track your data.

Analytics Report

To check out the Analytics Report, just head to the responses section and click on “View Analytics Report” in the top right corner.

Bit Form Analytics Report
Bit Form Analytics Report

⚙ Filter Options

1. Filter by Date

Use the Date Filter to narrow down the dates you want to check. This way, you can easily analyze responses submitted between two specific dates. To make use of this feature, simply click on the calendar icon and input the date you want.

Bit Form Analytics filter by date

2. Entry Status

You also have the option to filter responses by their Entry Status and then analyze them. It’s a simple way to organize and understand your data.

Bit Form Analytics filter by entry status

3. Select Fields for Report

This feature allows you to pick the specific fields you want to analyze. It gives you the flexibility to focus on the information that matters most to you.

Bit Form AnalyticsSelect Fields for Report

note-icon-bit-apps  Note

The “Select Fields for Report” feature is only available in the Pro Version.

Advance Field Wise Report

The Advanced Field Wise Report allows you to view your data in a chart format, making it super easy for you to analyze and understand your responses.

Bit Form Analytics Advance Field Wise Report

You have the awesome opportunity to explore the responses using different types of charts! This feature allows you to see your data in a visual and user-friendly way.

Bit Form Analytics Advance Field Wise Report chat view
Bit Form Analytics Advance Field Wise Report chat view

Print Report

To print your report, simply use the “Print Report” button. It’s a super easy way to get a hard copy of all your data.

Bit Form Analytics Print Report
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Responses Analytics Report

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