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Bit Form – Divider Field

The Divider Field in Bit Form is a feature that allows the admin to insert a visual divider or separator within the form. It can be used to visually separate different sections or elements in the form, providing a clear visual hierarchy and organization.

⚙ General Settings

1. Field Key

In Bit Form, every field has a special identifier known as a Field Key. This field key uniquely identifies a field, it also helps to send data via email, PDF, store database, and PHP action hook. These keys are important in Success/Error Messages, WebHooks, Redirect Pages, Email Templates, Workflows, and Integrations.

2. Name

The Name is an HTML equivalent input field’s name, you can customize it easily according to your preferences. You can easily modify it to suit your needs.

A field’s name is like a special label used when you submit a form. For example, let’s say the field name is “text-1-5”. In this case, ‘text’ tells us the type of field it is, ‘1’ refers to the form ID, and ‘5’ means it’s the fifth-number field on the form. This field name can be used for various purposes such as Fetch data from url parameter.

3. Admin Label

This field is designated for administrative use and allows an administrator to set a label name that will be displayed on the responses page.

4. Size & Position

It typically refers to the dimensions and placement of an input or output field within a user interface. It specifies the width and position, x-position, and w-width of the field on the screen or page.

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