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Response Management

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Bit form – Response Management


Responses of the report manage submission data properly. Information gathered using a form needs to be presented for viewing. Once the form is successfully submitted, data will be added as a new row into the responses of the database when you hit the button of the form. We can easily manage, deleteupdatefilterclone, and duplicate records.

The features are shown below:

✔ View:/Detail View

✔ Create New Report

✔ Column Reorder

✔ Adjustable Column Width

✔ Delete, Edit and duplicate

✔ Column Visibility

✔ Export Data

View:/Detail View

You can also view a maximum of 100 records on a single page. You can go next and previous pages with a single click. To the bottom right corner of the response page, there is an option for showing a specific number of records on each page. Moreover, you can also sort records. If you click on any specific record you will see the record details as popup details view to the left.

Create New Report

Using conditional logic, you can easily create a report for each form field (column). To the top left corner of the response page, there is an option for creating a new report. Suppose, you have many responses in your form, and you want to show and export a few responses. On the top left side of responses, you see a Plus Icon(+). Click on it and input the report name create a report using conditional logic.

You can create many reports on form responses. To view the reports, on the top left side of responses, you see an Ellipsis point (⋮). Just click on it, and you will see all the reports you created previously. You can edit and delete reports.

In the example above, if the First Name value is "Empty". However, the report will show responses that contain responses with an Empty First Name value.

In the second report, if the Entry status equal is "Read Entries". However, the report will show responses that contain responses with a Read Entry status.

In the example above, if the first name value is "empty", the email will have "gmail.com" at the end. However, the report will show responses that contain responses with an empty name value and The email will end with gmail.com.

In the second report, if the first two conditions(“first name”= “Empty” and “Entry Status”=”Read Entries”) do not meet the two conditions, the report will come blank. Now we used the And for the next condition. The Entry status equal is “Read Entries”. If it is not met, there will be no responses in the report. In the following report, we used OR for this condition; if the condition is not met, then the report will check the following condition. And the report will show all the responses.

Column Reorder

You can easily reorder a column by just dragging and dropping the mouse over the column title. If you have a column name First Name on the first column and Last Name on the second column. Now you can alter their position. If you hover the mouse over the column title, an option will be available to reorder respective column positions back and forth.

Adjustable Column Width

You can easily adjust column width by dragging your mouse onto it.

Delete, Edit and duplicate

You can deleteeditupdate, or duplicate a specific record. You can also delete, duplicate, and edit Bulk records. If you go to the very left of every specific record and click on three dots. You will find there the options will be available for delete, edit, or duplicate. Suppose, you have two records with the same email = “[email protected]” so you can click on the record and delete the desired one. If you have 2,000 records in your response and you want to delete them. For this, you can select the multiple records together and click on the delete button to delete them together. This way you can delete all records from responses in a few attempts. You do not need to go through every record and delete them one by one.

Column Visibility

You can easily hide and show columns with a single click of the mouse. Suppose, you have many fields in your form and you want to show a few fields of them like First Name ➤ Last Name ➤ Phone ➤ Message. On the left side of responses, you see an Eye icon. Just click on it and you will see all the fields will be available. You can check mark only the fields you want to show and others keep them unchecked.

Export Data

You can export all the responses management data by clicking Export Data. When you click on Export data, a new window will be displayed where you will find 5 fields. These fields allow you to choose rows you want to export from Bit Form.

Follow the below instructions:

➤ Click on export data from Form Responses & a window will be shown.

➤ How many rows to export: There you will find two options from the drop-down menu. Options are: All & Choose input number. You can export all rows or you can input row numbers as you want. If you select Choose input number then another field Enter your row number will arrive.

➤ Sort By: You can sort data in ascending or descending order.

➤ Select the sort field: You have to choose the fields that you want to sort.

➤ Export file format: You can choose 9 types of form to which you will export all data. Formats are CSVXlsxXlsFodsOdsPrnTextHTML & Eth.

➤ Export all fields: If you want to export all the fields of the row then click on Yes or you can specify the fields you need to export by clicking No.

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Response Management

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