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Zoho Creator Integrations

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Bit Form Integration With Zoho Creator

Using Zoho Creator integration with WordPress form builder- Bit Form, you can add records, update rows & upload files on Zoho Creator. You can easily integrate without any coding. This documentation goes through the configuration process.

Authorization Settings

At first, select the form you want to apply the Zoho Creator integration or you can create a new one. After that, follow the below instructions.


After that, follow the below instructions.

Follow the path:

Settings => Integrations => Click on (+) => Click on Zoho Creator.

Select integration

A. Integration Name: Set the integration name ZOHO Creator API.

B. Data Center: Set the specific ZOHO data center name where you have created your Zoho account. (e.g.:

select datacenter

C. Homepage URL: Enter the URL of your website homepage.

D. Authorized Redirect URL: Enter the URL to which ZOHO Creator will send the authentication code.

E. Client ID & Secret: To get client ID & secret information go to ZOHO API CONSOL=>Add Client => Server-based application => Create New Client. Register all the information and get your client ID and secret information.

zoho api console url
add client
create server base with redirect url
client id secret from api console
client id scret fireld

F. Owner Name: Here, enter your Zoho Creator screen name. (e.g. :bitcodetech)

owner name field

Now click Authorize, & you are ready to add your business or service records to your ZOHO Creator account via Bit Form.

accept authorize

Add Record on Zoho Creator

The next step is to integrate the form of Bit Form with your Creator account to store the required data.

1. Application: Here, select the name of the application you have already created on your Creator account.

2. Form: Now, select the form you want to send the Bit Form data.

select app & form

3. Map fields: Now map the form fields with related Zoho fields. You can send custom values also. Moreover, this custom value will remain the same for all the submitted data.

field map
field map with custom value

4. After successful integration, click on “Finish & Save“. Now you are ready to add a record to your Creator account.

5. After configuring integration with Zoho Creator, set condition logic to work on. Don’t forget to select the integration name, otherwise, the integration will not work properly.

add new logic
integration checkbox
select zoho creator integration

Update Rows by criteria:

First, you have to map the fields you want to update the value. Here is an example, we have mapped the ‘Name’ fields, as we want to update that corresponding field’s value. Now, click on the action ‘Update Record’. It controls how the submitted records will get updated. Now you have to set the criteria by specifying the Zoho field link. Depending on this field link, your mapped field’s value will change.

edit icon click

Here, we have set the field link “Email = [email protected]”. So, all the names corresponding to the email will be updated. If you face any difficulties, visit the ‘Zoho Creator Guide‘.

creator guide link

If we enable the update preference ‘Yes‘, then after the submission of data, it will check the criteria. If the criteria match then it will update otherwise the values will be added as a new record.

After setting up the integration process, set conditional logic as before.

update preference

Upload File:

For uploading files, you have to map the fields with the necessary Zoho fields. Select ‘File Upload‘ as both Bit Form & Zoho fields. Now, you are ready to upload a file on the Creator account.

file upload field mapping

Watch the tutorials here!

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