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Install, Active, and Update

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Installation, Activate and Upgrade of Bit Form

In this section, we will show you how you can install Bit Form on your WordPress site & also how you can activate Bit Form pro version.

Process of installation & activation

Follow the path mentioned below:

  1. At first, navigate to your WordPress & navigate to the plugin. Then click on Add new.
  2. Go to the search option & search Bit Form.
Add New Plugin - Bit Form

3. Click Install Now & then Activate the free version.

4. Now you can see Bit Form in your WordPress plugin list.

5. After successful installation you can see the home page of Bit Form‘. Now You are ready to create a form.

Process of activating premium version

  1. First, go to our website bitapps.pro/bit-form
  2. Go to the Pricing section of the pro version.
  1. Now you can see all the plans of Bit Form.
  2. Select your desired plan & you can customize the number of sites.
  3. Click on Proceed.

6. You have to fill up the form for a membership account to use the premium version of Bit Form.

7. Give your location & payment information.

8. Pay the amount via any credit card or PayPal. Also can use a coupon card if you have any.

9. After you will be redirected to the subscription page.
10. You can check whether your subscription is activated or not by reloading the page.

11. After you will be notified via your email with the download linklicense keytutorial link & documentation link.

12. Now, go to your subscription dashboard. Here you can see your subscription details. You can also update your plans at any time.

13. Download the pro version by clicking the option.
14. Then go to your dashboard & again navigate to plugin option.
15. Click on Add New & select upload plugin.

16. Click on Choose File & select the zip file you have downloaded before. Then click on Install Now.

17. Then press on Activate Plugin. After you will see the pro version of Bit Form on your plugin list.

18. Then go to Bit Form from the dashboard & you will find the license option. And now copy the key from the subscription page & paste the key on the license key option.

19. After clicking the Submit button you will be shown a successful message.

Congratulations! Now you are a pro member of the Bit Form. Now you can access pro features, updates & support.

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Install, Active, and Update

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