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Getting started
Getting started

Welcome to Bit-Form Warmly welcome to Bit Form. One of the most

Form Fields
Form Fields

Bit form-Field Types The field types of form builders are a form of

Bit Form - Style Editor
Style Editor

Bit Form – Style Editor Within Bit Form’s Style Editor, users can

Bit Form - Response Management
Response Management

Bit form – Response Management Overview: Responses of the report manage submission data

Form Settings
Form Settings

Bit form – Form Settings Overview he following features are available under Form

Bit Form Conditional Logic
Conditional Logic

Bit form – Conditional Logic Conditional Logic in Bit Form is a

Bit form – Confirmation Message setup
Confirmation Message

Bit form – Confirmation Message Success or Error Message Customize Success or

Bit Form - Multistep Form
Multistep Form

How to create Multistep Form in WordPress using Bit Form Have you

Email Tempalate
Email Tempalate

Bit Form – Email Tempalate Click on ➤ Form Name ➤ Setting➤Email

PDF Attachment
PDF Attachment

Introducing PDF Attachment The PDF Attachment feature in Bit Form allows administrators

Double Opt-In
Double Opt-In

Bit Form – Double Opt-In Click on ➤ Form Name ➤ Setting➤Double

Bit Form - Integrations

Bit Form – Integrations At Bit Form, we’ve got you covered with

WP Auth
WP Auth

WordPress User Registration With Bit Form Bit Form allows you to register

Form Abandonment
Form Abandonment

Form Abandonment – Bit Form The Save and Continue Feature on Bit

Bit Form - Conversational Form
Conversational Form

Conversational Form – Bit Form Have you heard of Conversational Form? It’s

Bit Form - Landing Page
Landing Page

Introducing the Dedicated Landing Page feature in Bit Form Discover how to

Bit Form - Others

Bit Form – Others Bit Form provides a versatile array of features

Translate Bit Form
Translate Bit Form

How to translate Bit Form Many of you have wanted to translate

Bit Form - Developer Docs
Developer Docs

Developer Docs – Bit Form The developer documentation for Bit Form covers

Feature Request
Feature Request

Feature Request Currently, we are collecting feature requests from the Facebook community.

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