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Introducing the Dedicated Landing Page feature in Bit Form

Discover how to use the Landing Page(Standalone Form / Form Pages / Direct Share) feature of Bit Form to effectively create specialized pages for your forms, ensuring an uninterrupted and streamlined form submission experience. This comprehensive documentation offers a detailed guide on setting up landing pages for your forms using Bit Form. Uncover this feature’s many benefits and witness its ability to enhance your form-building endeavors. Whether you are collecting leads, conducting surveys, or managing registrations, Bit Form’s Landing Page feature is a transformative tool. Embrace the myriad possibilities and elevate your form experiences to new heights.

With Bit Form Landing Page, you can:

  • Design standalone landing pages for your forms, ensuring a clean and focused form submission experience.
  • Customize the landing page with a unique URL for branding and presentation.
  • Organize multi-step or complex forms into structured and user-friendly form pages.
  • Share your forms via direct links, guaranteeing that users encounter only the forms created with Bit Form.

Integrate your Landing Page seamlessly with Bit Form Pro by following the steps outlined below:

Steps to Integrate Landing Page with Bit Form

  • Create/Use a Form with Bit Form
  • Enable Form Landing Page Mode
  • Setup the Custom URL and page design
  • Share the form by Unique URL or shortcode

Create a Form for the landing page.

To create a form, make sure you have installed Bit Form Free and Pro. Now, complete a form according to your requirements. Just drag & drop the essential fields like- Name, Email, and Message. Also, you can add a custom field. You can see the demo page here.

Create a Form for the landing page.

Configure Landing Page

To configure your landing page, navigate to Settings & click on Landing page. Follow the below instructions to set up your landing page.

Configure Landing Page
  1. Enable the form landing page mode from here, as shown in the screenshot below –
Enable the form landing page mode

Design your landing page with Bit Form.

Body: You can also choose color Variables(From form theme color) or define your custom color for your form page. Also, you can add gradient colors or Background Images(From your media or Unsplash library).

bit form landing page design

Form Wrapper: You can customize the width, height, background color, border, and other visual aspects of the Form Wrapper to suit your specific preferences and requirements.

bit form landing page wrapper

Share your landing page with Bit Form.

Page Title:  You can set the page title from the ‘Page Title’ field.

Share via Direct URL: You can also access the page by copying the URL from the “Share via Direct URL” field.

Custom URL: You can generate a personalized URL for your landing page, allowing them to establish a distinct online presence. You can access the page by copying the URL provided in the “Share via Direct URL” field. You can also access the form on pages and posts using shortcodes.

Embed via HTML Code: you can Embed via HTML Code to use this form in another domain, another site, or even outside WordPress.

Conversational Form


Once you’ve enabled the Conversational Form feature, you’ll be able to preview it. Just keep an eye out for the preview link that appears once you activate the feature.

Short Code

You can easily use the short code to add your form to a page. It’s simple and convenient!

Share Conversational Form via Direct URL

You can easily share your Conversational Form using a direct URL! Just head over to the Landing Page section and look for the “Share via Direct URL” feature. Copy the URL and share it with others to get your form out there.

Embed via HTML Code

To embed your Conversational Form using HTML code, simply head over to the Embed section. You’ll find the “Embed via HTML Code” option there. Just copy the code provided and paste it into your webpage or platform for smooth integration.

note-icon-bit-apps  Note

Click here to learn more about Conversational Form

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