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Builder Setting

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Bit form – Builder Setting

Builder Settings gives you an amazing set of tools to easily customize your online forms exactly how you want them. You can effortlessly arrange and adjust your Form Fields to meet your specific needs. Plus, you have a variety of options to style your forms, making them not only attractive but also professional-looking.

Form Fields: You can easily show or hide your available fields by simply clicking on this button.

Bit form - Builder Setting - Form Fields

Styling: With this awesome feature, you can make your form fields truly your own!

Bit form - Builder Setting - Styling

You have the power to customize and personalize fields even more by using the Inspect option.

Bit form - Builder Setting - Inspect

Themes Quick Tweaks: Have you checked out the Quick Tweaks style settings in Individual Elements for Bit Form? They’re super handy for customizing your fields. With these settings, you can easily tweak things like the Accent Color, Backgrounds, Field Size, Theme, and Border Radius. It’s a breeze to make your forms look just the way you want them to! Click here for more documentation.

Bit form - Builder Setting - Theme Quick Tweaks

Individual Elements: The Individual Elements are here to help you personalize your form fields just the way you like them. It’s super easy to customize them to match your preferences! Click here for more documentation.

Bit form - Builder Setting - Individual Elements

Screen View: We’ve got this cool screen view option that allows you to check out your form on different devices. It’s pretty neat because you can see how your form will look on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Bit form - Builder Setting - Screen View

Breakpoint Sizes: Breakpoint sizes are actually really cool because they help a website or app look awesome on different devices. Basically, they’re specific screen widths where the layout adjusts itself to make everything easy to see and use. So whether you’re checking things out on your phone, tablet, or good old desktop computer, the design will always adapt to fit your screen perfectly.

Builder Settings - Breakpoint Sizes

Respect Large Device Order: When you activate this option, the layout for tablet and mobile devices will be generated automatically based on the field order you have defined for the desktop device.

When “Respect Large Device Order” is enabled, modifying the field layout for tablet and mobile devices is restricted. To make changes, you must disable this option and then adjust your fields’ layout.

Undo: Have you ever made a mistake or accidentally made changes to your work that you want to fix? Well, that’s where the “Undo” feature comes to the rescue! It allows you to easily reverse any recent actions and undo those pesky errors. So no need to fret, because with “Undo”, you can easily correct any mistakes and get back on track in no time!

Bit form - Builder Setting - Undo

Redo: “Redo” is like the flip side of “undo.” It’s super handy because it lets you do or bring back the actions that you just undid in your work.

Bit form - Builder Setting - Redo

History: The “History” feature in a form keeps a record of all the changes and actions made over time, so you can easily see how your form has evolved. In the History section, you also have the option to reset both your form and its entire history if needed.

Bit-form-Builder-Setting- History - Reset

Field Settings: “Field Settings” are awesome options that allow you to personalize the way each field looks and behaves within a form.

Bit form - Builder Setting - Field Settings

Themes: “Themes” are awesome! They’re these super cool sets of visual styles that you can apply to your form. They make your design look consistent and really attractive. Plus, you can even customize them to match your own unique style. Hovering over a theme allows you to preview and customize its appearance.


Builder Settings

Builder Settings make it super easy to customize your experience! You can play around with options such as Form Width, Atomic Class Prefix, Dark Mode, adding important rules, and even adding your own custom code.

Bit-form-Builder-Setting- Builder Settings

Form width: “Form width” determines how wide a form appears on a webpage or screen, allowing for customization based on design preferences and available space. You can set screen sizes for large, medium, and small screens.

Bit-form-Builder-Setting- Form Width

Atomic Class Prefix: “Atomic Class Prefix” is a customizable identifier in a form builder’s CSS, preventing style conflicts and enabling targeted styling for form elements.

Dark Mode: “Dark Mode” is a display option that presents a form or application with a darker color scheme, reducing eye strain and enhancing visibility in low-light environments.

Bit-form-Builder-Setting- History - Dark Mode

Add !important rule: “Add !important rule” is a feature that allows you to prioritize a specific style in the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) by using the “!important” declaration. This ensures that the chosen style takes precedence over other styles, providing greater control over the appearance of form elements.

Bit-form-Builder-Setting- History - Add !important rule

Custom Code

“Custom Code” provides the flexibility to incorporate JavaScript and CSS into your form, allowing for advanced customization and functionality beyond standard options.

Bit-form-Builder-Setting - Custom Code

JavaScript: You can include JavaScript in this section. Click on the three dots to see the field key and elements.

Bit-form-Builder-Setting- History - JavaScript
Bit-form-Builder-Setting- History - JavaScript - Three Dots

CSS: In this section, you can add CSS. Click on the three dots to view the field key.

Bit-form-Builder-Setting - CSS
Bit-form-Builder-Setting - CSS - Three dots
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