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Mailchimp Integrations

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Bit Form Integration With Mailchimp

Building a good email list of your users can help you enrich your brand or company’s marketing strategy. With the direct Bit Form integration with Mailchimp, you can add the contact to the audience list as a subscriber. Go through the documentation about the Mailchimp integration process.

Authorization Process

First, select the name of the form you have created before or create a new form to apply the Mailchimp integration.

After that, follow the below instructions.

A. Follow the path:

Settings=> Integrations => Click on (+) => Click on ‘Mailchimp’

B. Integration Name: Set the integration name Mailchimp API.

C. Homepage URL: Enter the URL of your website.

D. Authorized Redirect URL: Enter the URL in which Mailchimp will send the authentication code.

E. Client ID & Secret: For client ID & secret, you have to visit the Mailchimp API console. If you already have any Client ID & secret then copy this to the field. If you don’t have any, then you have to create a new client ID & secret.

To get new Client Id & Client secret information go to Mailchimp API CONSOL => Register An App

Register all the information. In the App website & Redirect URL fields you have to give the values of the field of Homepage URL & Authorized Redirect URL respectively. Now, click on the Create button to get your client ID and Secret information from Mailchimp.

F. Now click Authorize & you are ready to import all your data from Bit Form to your Mailchimp account.

Integration Settings

  1. Select the audience from the drop-down option. You have to create an audience before on your Mailchimp account. You can add a Tag [ also multiple tags] for the audience that you have created before on your MailChimp account.
  1. When you fill-up the audience list field, you will find the Map Field option. You have to map all the necessary form fields with the related Mailchimp field.
  1. Also, you can enable the action Add Address Field to add the address of the contact. The addresses fields of Mailchimp are fixed – Address, City, Zip and state. These fields are required for the Mailchimp audience.
  1. By enabling the action Double-Opt-in admin can ask permission from users if they want to subscribe to MailChimp or not.
  1. You can also update the submitted data by enabling the action called Update Mailchimp. Suppose the user already submitted data under an email address. Again they want to submit data under the same email, if the action is enabled then the new data will be updated regarding that email address.
  1. After clicking on Finish & Save, the Mailchimp integration is ready.
  1. Now, you have to set conditional logic to trigger the integration for the submitted data. When you set conditional logic, remember some points – set ‘Action behavior = Always’ & specify the integration name you have created for Mailchimp. If you don’t select the integration name properly, then the integration will not work.
  1. After submitting any data, you can see the record both on the Mailchimp account & response page of BitForm.
  1. When you update any data from the responses page, you can see the update directly on your Mailchimp account.
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Mailchimp Integrations

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