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Bit Form – Responses Filter

The Filter feature in Bit Form is an advanced response management tool that simplifies the process of sorting submitted responses, such as emails and phone numbers. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to apply filters and efficiently manage the collected data. Follow these steps to learn how to leverage the powerful Filter feature in Bit Form.

1. Create Filter

To get started, go to the response section and click on “Create Filter.” This will bring up a filter menu where you can define your filter criteria. Additionally, you have the option to set a filter name for easy identification. As an example, you can establish a condition such as “Email starts with t.” Now save the filter.

Create Filter - Email Filter

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There are many logical conditions you can use to sort through the data you’ve submitted. such as –

  • Equal
  • Not Equal
  • Empty
  • Not Empty
  • Start With
  • End With
  • Not Start With
  • Not End With
  • Not Contains
  • Contains

2. Apply Filter

To apply the filter, click on “All Entries,” and then choose to apply your created filter, such as the “Email Filter.” If you have multiple filters, you can easily find a specific one by simply clicking on the search icon.

3. Modify Filter

Bit Form boasts an exceptionally sophisticated filtering system, allowing users to easily modify and customize their filters.

To modify your filter, navigate to “All Entries,” and click on the edit icon located adjacent to your filter, represented by a pen.

4. Multiple Conditions in the Filter

Bit Form features one of the most sophisticated filtering capabilities, allowing users to incorporate multiple conditions within a filter. This includes the use of both “AND” and “OR” logic in defining the conditions.

5. Delete Filter

To delete a filter, simply go to “All Entries,” and look for the delete icon positioned next to your filter. Click on the delete icon to remove the filter from your settings.


Bit Form incorporates a sophisticated calendar filtering feature, allowing users to effectively filter responses based on specific dates.

To utilize this functionality, select the calendar icon located at the top right corner. Proceed to set both the start and end dates, specifying the year and month as needed. Alternatively, you can directly click on the desired date. Finally, click the search button to activate the filter.

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