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How to add calculation

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Add Calculation in Bit Form

Bit Form enables users to use the form as a Calculation Form. Based on a set of conditional logic, Bit Form can perform various calculations with ease. Go- through this demonstration to how to add calculations on Bit Form.

Set Conditions & Actions

First, let’s create a form with all input fields set as Number Fields since we’ll be working with numbers. You can change the field’s label according to your use case.

Now, let’s head over to your Settings and click on the Conditional Logics option. From there, simply click on Add Conditional Logics.

Bit Form - Calculation - Add Conditional Logic

In the video example below, we’ve added some neat conditional logic to make things easier. If Product Price, VAT %, and Discount % are not empty, then the Total Price will be calculated automatically. We used a simple formula for this: “Product Price + (Product Price * VAT % / 100) – (Product Price * Discount % / 100)“.

info-icon-bit-apps  INFO

Action Run When: Select the option Record Create/Edit to set when the calculation will be performed.

Action Effect: Select the option On Field input, for which calculation takes place.

Action Behavior: Select the option Condition. Under this Action Behavior you have to set the IF statements. The logic behind this calculation is if the specified field values are not null, then the action (Calculation) will be performed that you have to set on the value 

Alright, let’s go ahead and input the values for Product Price, VAT %, and Discount %. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that the total price is automatically calculated in the Total Price field.

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How to add calculation

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