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How to Create a WordPress Conversational Form (3 steps)

April 17, 2024
Estimated reading: 4 minutes
How to Create a WordPress Conversational Form (3 easy steps)

Conversational forms are a fantastic way to improve user experience on your WordPress website. Unlike traditional forms, they make data entry feel more like a natural conversation, often leading to increased form completion rates. 

Conversational forms redefine the way we think about online forms. Traditionally, a form consists of a list of fields that users must fill out all at once, creating a tedious and impersonal experience. Conversational forms, on the other hand, mimic a natural, two-way dialogue, presenting one question at a time in a friendly and engaging manner. Well, the problem is that creating a conversational form in WordPress with a complex form builder is a bit difficult. The easiest way to create a WordPress conversational form is to use the Bit Form plugin, an advanced contact form builder with outstanding features and a simple UI. It just takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete a conversational form. 

By the way, you can easily create any type of form using Bit Form like multi step form, payment form, and a contact form using conditional logic

Well, let’s hit the direct point. Yes, it is so easy to create a conversational form in WordPress but why not make a simple traditional contact form?  What is the comparison between the conversational form and the traditional contact form? How you will benefit after using a conversational form. I will discuss it and also show you how to create a WordPress conversational form easily. 

Benefits of conversational form on your website

The benefits of conversational forms are manifold. They create a more personalized user experience, making users feel like they’re conversing rather than filling out a form. This approach can lead to higher engagement rates, as users often find it less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Additionally, conversational forms can improve data accuracy, as the one-question-at-a-time format allows users to focus and provide thoughtful responses.

Comparison between Conversational and Traditional Forms

The primary difference between conversational and traditional forms lies in user interaction. Traditional forms display all questions simultaneously, which can be daunting, especially if the form is lengthy. Users might feel overwhelmed or bored, leading to form abandonment or inaccurately filled fields. 

Conversational forms, in contrast, break down the process into digestible, engaging steps. This makes the form seem shorter and helps keep the user’s attention focused on one question at a time, reducing the likelihood of errors and incomplete submissions.

For example, if you have a form with three fields like this one. This could be more interactive so users feel a little bit bored while filling it up. 

create simple registration form by Bit form

On the contrary, watch this form, it seems interactive, digestive, and attractive. Users feel a bit interested while filling it up. You can make more interactive and attractive conversational forms if you want. I am just showing you a simple one. Look at the below one.

create conversational form using Bit Form

How to Create a WordPress Conversational Form

You have to go through 3 simple steps and some instructions to create a WordPress conversational form. 

Step1: Choose a plugin and install and activate it

To create a conversational form, you have to install and activate a form builder plugin. I recommend you install the BitForm plugin. I can guarantee that you will be amazed to see the price of this bit-form plugin. 

However, it is really simple to purchase this plugin and then install and activate it in WordPress

Step 2: Create a form that you want to make it conversational

At first, you have to make a form, and then you have to turn it into a conversation. By the way, this is a super easy drag-and-drop form builder. You can see 40+ text fields on the left side.

a simple drag and drop form builder

Whenever you click on any specific field, a style editor option appears on the right side. You can change the label name, placeholder, and as many as you need. So at first, create this kind of form, and then you have to turn on the conversational form settings to make this form conversational.

style the specific field of the form

Step3: Turn On conversational form and then make it

Now go to the settings > conversational form >  turn on Conversational Form Settings. Here you can see 3 important settings options 

Make conversational form by Bit Form

  • Theme setting
  • Conversational Steps settings
  • Navigation

Let me introduce you to these three settings options:

Theme settings: Here you can change the accent color, page background, label text and input color. 

make your first conversational form using Bit Form

Conversational step settings: Basically, in this section, we will design and add some interactive images, write a welcome note, and edit the start and next buttons to make this form more interesting and attractive. I will show it with some instructions; all you have to do is follow my instructions. Let’s start. 

Instruction 1: In the Step List drop-down box, you will find all the fields that you have chosen in Step 2. Select the “welcome page” from the drop-down box. Then change the layout. 

Use interactive Images in your conversational form

Instruction 2: Select any option you wish from the layout box. When you select anyone among them, a layout image option will appear. To make this form more attractive, you can select an image only for the welcome page. Also, you can change the title and paragraph text if you want.

Create conversational form in wordpress

Instruction 3: Now again, select another field from the Step List drop-down box, as I showed you here. Do exactly the same thing that you have been instructed to do in Instruction Number 2. Just change the layout and select an image as you wish.

Create a WordPress Conversational Form in simple 3 steps

Instruction 4: Now select the Step-2 Email text field from the Step List drop-down box and do the exactly same things that you have done with Instruction 2.

Make your contact form into conversational form easily

Instruction 5: Now similarly select the course field from the Step List drop-down box and change the layout. That’s it; you are all done.

Build conversational form using Bit form

How to add this conversational form to the WordPress Website

It is so easy to add this conversational form to your WordPress website. All you have to do is copy the short code and go to the page where you want to put this form.

add conversational form in your wordpress site using Bit Form

Click on ‘+’ button > shortcode (search shortcode in the search bar)

add conversational form easily

Now, paste the shortcode here. and then press the publish button. That’s it. You can see the form on your WordPress website.

use short code to add conversational form

Wrap up

There are lots of form builders on the market that you can use to make conversational forms on your WordPress site. But the problem is that they are a bit complex for newbies and too costly to use for new business owners. You can check what the Bit Form plugin is offering at this tiny price. None can offer such a premium at this cost. You can also check out the Bit Form plugin in WpHive. Plus, you can make a comparison between Bit Form and another form builder.

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