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Set up Signal as a widget button on your website

Discover how to easily set up a Signal as a widget button on your website using Bit Assist. Add this channel to your chat widget and let your visitor communicate with you through signal like whatsApp.

Access our comprehensive tutorial today and get started on optimizing your website.

Setup a Channel

1. First, create a widget, then edit the widget


2. Click on Add channel to add the support assistant of your choice Signal.

create-widget Add Channel

3. Search and select the channel Signal from the channels popup.

Signal with Bit Assist

4. Channel Title: Set the proper Channel Title. Default it’s taken, Signal. This Title is descriptive text for visitors.

5. Custom Image: You can change the channel image of your preference. Also, if you don’t like the normal image, you can add a gif image you want.

Signal with Bit Assist custom image

6. Phone number: Input your Phone number.

Signal with Bit Assist Phone number

7. On click open channel on: With this On click open channel on feature of Widget Options, You can open your channel in a new tab, or current tab, or a new window. Default it’s taken, New Tab

Signal with Bit Assist on click open channel on

8. Hide after office hours: With this Hide after office hours feature of Widget Options, You can organize your office time by enabling the Hide after office hours option. You have to upgrade to Pro to use the feature.

Signal With Bit Assist Hide after office hours

9. Channel show on: With this Channel show on feature of Widget Options, you can now afford to hide or show channels on mobile and desktops as of your choice.

channel show on

10. Now, save the channel by clicking the Save button. Then, you will see a successful channel-created message.

Signal with Bit Assist save
Signal with Bit Assist channel created success
Signal with Bit Assist Home Page
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