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In this step, you can design your widget as much as your choice. There have many kinds of options. Such as:

Widget Name

👉 You can change the widget name with this option


Widget Style

👉 You can change the widget style with this option


Widget Color

👉 You can change the chat widget color of your preference with this option.


Widget Icon

👉 You can change the chat widget Icon of your preference with this option. Also, you can add the custom image you want.


Widget Position

👉 Can be changed the widget position. There are four types of positions available in this option. Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right. Also, you can change the position of top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right as you like.

widget position

Widget Size

👉 You can change the widget size with this option. The widget size will not support more than 200 pixels. Size range: Widget size must be between 0 and 200.


Widget Shape

👉 You can choose any of your favorite widgets that are available.


Custom CSS

👉 You can change Color, Height, Width, Position, etc. To use this feature, you have to upgrade to pro.


Widget Show On

👉 With this Widget show on feature of Widget Options, you can now afford to hide or show Widget on mobile and desktops as of your choice.


Hide Credit

👉 If you enable this option, you can hide the By Bit Assist text from the live widget.

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