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Setting in Bit assist, are a set of Business Hours, Page Filters, Trigger Widget, Call To Action, and Widget Behavior that are executed when certain specified conditions are met.

Business Hours

👉 You can organize it with your office time by enabling this option. You have to upgrade to pro to us the feature.


Enable Widget Active Badge

👉 A widget active badge integrated with Bit Assist is a feature that provides visual feedback on the status of a widget button on a website. When the widget button is enabled, the active badge is displayed, indicating that the widget is ready for interaction and engagement.


Page Filters

👉 You can show and hide the chat widget on a few specific pages of your site With this option. You have to use the pro version to use this feature


Trigger Widget

👉 Decide when the widget will appear for the first time. You can show it after a few seconds or on page scroll.


Call To Action

👉 The message displayed above the chat widget is the perfect way to grab the visitor’s attention. And also you add delayed time for this.


Widget Behavior

👉 You can show configured channels to visitors when they visit the site, or visitors can click the chat widget to open it.


Attention Animation

👉 The Bit Assist platform features an attention animation widget button that serves as an effective tool for increasing user engagement on websites. This widget button boasts visually appealing design elements that are sure to captivate users’ attention. With its incorporation of attention-grabbing animations, such as shock waves, jumps, and wiggles, the button creates a dynamic and interactive browsing experience for visitors.

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