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Custom Action Integrations

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Bit Integrations with Custom Action

This feature helps WordPress developers, who want to run a custom PHP function. Developers can easily run own php function . Follow the step using the custom action.

To integrate with Custom Action follow, the below steps.

  1. Search & Select Custom Action from the actions pages
  1. write an initial PHP procedure that is not static and has no access modifier.
  1. You can access form field values by using the syntax $trigger[], which will then display a drop-down menu with the list of form fields that can be selected.
  2. After writing the function, you must invoke the function.
  3. Then click the Validate button to validate the function. This validation process will check only syntax errorsnot logical errors.
  1. After the validation is complete of function, Click on Next to set up the other integration settings ahead.
  1. Now save the integration by clicking the Finish & Save Button
  1. At Bit Integrations, the Timeline of each integration contains a feature allowing you to quickly view the status of your integration, whether it has been successful or encountered an error.
  1. You can also easily editClone, or delete the integration.

Congratulations, your integration process has been completed successfully. Once the trigger is executed, the function will run successfully.

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