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Integration Actions

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Bit Integrations-Integration Actions


Bit Integrations have some options in every integration called Info Edit Timeline Clone Delete. Please follow the points below to know how these options work

  1. Info: You can see the Authorized process information. E.g., What were the Client ID and Secret or API Key for the authorization process?
  1. Edit: You can edit the integration you have already set up. If you want to make some necessary changes, you can do it by editing the integration.
  1. Clone: You can Clone the integration you had already set up. Suppose you already set up an integration Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets. And now you want to Integrate with another sheet. If you Clone the integration, you can save some time without having to repeat the authorization process.
  1. Delete: If you don’t need any integration that you set up, you can delete this integration by deleting this option.
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Integration Actions

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