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Select Webhook As A trigger

  1. At First, Open your Bit Integration Dashboard and create an integrations by clicking the “Create Integration” button.

2. Now select the Webhook that you want to integrate with Bit Integrations Actions.


3. Bit integrations will automatically generate a webhook URL & you have to copy that link. And click on the fetch button.

  • Paste the Webhook URL into the apps you want to get data from. The setup of this step will depend on the apps you are using, as each tool has a different interface for the webhook. Below is an example from Bit Form.
  • The app from which you want to send data. From there, you will need to send a test request.
  • If you successfully send a request, the data will be automatically fetched. Then the set action button will be activated. Next, click on the set action button.

Note: Do not copy the webhook URL until the Fetch button is activated.

info-icon-bit-apps  INFO

After completing these steps, the Actions list will appear, and select the action you want to integrate with your selected Trigger. Now you have to authorize the Action. To know more about authorization, Go to Actions from the left side menu and select the Action you want to integrate with your chosen trigger.

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